CONAN™ Alarm Detector Infrared Beam Sensor

$19.99 $57.98

Don't let the bad guys get inside your house!

Our CONAN™ Alarm Detector Infrared Beam Sensor will let you know right away when someone tries to sneak in and plans nothing but evil. 


  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Design with waterproof cover, any-weather integrated structure
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: High-power transmitter, 90% sensitivity margin, high-power infrared transmitter-receiver pair tube
  • ACTIVE REGULATION: Resistant to strong light up to 50,000 LUX
  • WIDE APPLICABILITY: Active infrared detector can replace the passive infrared intrusion detector installed in small supermarkets, convenience stores, visitors import and export.

Note: Installation distance should not be less than 1m. 

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