Light Ice Crystal LED Earrings

$24.99 $60.49
Metal Color:

Light Ice crystal LED earrings project positivity and come in 6 vibrant colors!

Lught Ice earrings light up with a small, lightweight battery back. When you’re ready for your crystal earrings to glow, simply put on your battery backs to activate the LED light, and voilà!

Light Ice can also be worn as normal crystal stud earrings during the day with rubber backs, so you can wear your earrings on or off at anytime!

Light Ice light up earrings are perfect for men AND women of all ages and are fun accessories for concerts, holidays and sporting events! The sparkling light looks brilliant in the dark and lights up every room with positivity.

Choose from: Classic White, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow & Blue.

Each pair of earrings comes with 6 pairs of batteries (12 total individually).

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