Kids Tumama Portable Drawing Board Book

The kids portable coloring book is a unique gift that is going to be loved by any child. The book consists of 12 chalk board images that can be colored in using the 4 dust free chalk pens. There is even a blank page at the end so that your child can be as creative as their minds will allow

As the board uses dust free pens there is no mess associated with normal chalk boards and when your child is ready to start again you can simply clean with a cloth.


  • PORTABLE - Your kids can take the coloring book with them wherever they go so  they can keep themselves entertained and stop playing on your phone.
  • DEVELOPMENT : Encourage your kids to be creative and develop their hand to eye co-ordination.
  • SAFE: The chalk pens are dust free using environmentally friendly materials to ensure that your children don't make a mess!
  • CONVENIENT: Take the book anywhere and it will provide hours of entertainment for your loved one.
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping

Does your child spend too long sat on your phone or tablet ? Now you can bring out the creative flare inside with our portable dust free coloring book. The coloring book is portable and makes no mess so you can simply take it wherever you go and know that your child can entertain him or herself with the coloring!  

Say goodbye to arguments over who gets to play on your smart device and say hello to creative coloring that is safe and mess free!

The Kids Portable Soft Chalk Drawing Board makes an ideal gift with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!

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