Heat Control Window Film

$13.95 $26.95

You love your windows because of the beautiful natural light and sweeping views they provide, but they come with several unfortunate drawbacks, including heat, glare, and high home cooling costs. 

This Window Heat Control Sticker Film is designed to be highly effective in temperature control, blocking up the heat in the summertime. It helps cool down hot spots, reduce glare & block UV rays, helping you to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.



  • Reduced energy use & lower utility costs.
  • Reduced glare, and UV rays.
  • Prevention of fading of floors and furniture.
  • Can cool down the heat in summer and retain heat in winter.
  • Provides good privacy during the daytime while the exterior glass shows the mirror effect. 


  • Material: PET
  • Size:100x50cm

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