$35.95 $59.98

The fast and easy way to take the pain of cleaning windows away!

Introducing, The MICROFIBER ALL-PURPOSE GLASS CLEANING KIT - your one-stop solution for making your glass windows crystal clear! 

Now you can clean glass, mirrors, window or plastic streak free, spot free and chemical free. Its wedge-shaped head design and 360-degree swivel handle, the MicroFiber All-Purpose Glass Cleaning Kit can handle any glass easy and fast. Cleans with just water. No chemicals needed. 


  • Comes with the secret of miracle microfiber cleaning pad with dozens of tiny squeegees that loosen, lift and lock in dirt and grime. 
  • Great for cleaning windshields. 
  • Built-in squeegee for a streak-free shine. 
  • Miracle Scrubber Pad to power through hard water stains and soap scum on tile and shower doors.

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