Car Headlight Polish

$15.95 $30.95

Get the expert care from the Car Headlight Polish that is guaranteed to fix dull & discolored headlamps!

Headlights become hazy and foggy over time. They'll look like, they're covered in mist. Sometimes they even become yellowish. What you're about to discover is how you can turn your headlights from blurry to shiny! 


  • Removes the oxidation from lens & seals to protect.
  • Easy to apply. Just wipe, spray. Your headlamps will look like new in a minute!
  • Provides hydrophobic coating that inhibits water absorption. Once this cleaner is applied, it shields your car from UV rays, rain, and pollution.
  • Protects headlight surface from dirt and dust.
  • Keeps your headlights free from corrosion and scratch.
  • Improve night vision with brighter lights because of clean headlamps.


  • Material: Resins, Solvents, Additives
  • Capacity: 30ml


  • 1 x Bottle Car Headlight  Polish 

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