ComfyFirst - Comfy Buckle Free Elastic Metal Belt for Men & Women

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Are you tired of uncomfortable belt buckles?

Never hassle with your belt again. Nothing to fiddle with to button and unbutton your pants. Easy breezy bathroom breaks. Just snap on once and forget you're wearing a belt, all day. 

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Make the belt comfortable and quick to put on, save your time!


Breathable and your stomach doesn't suffer buckle pressing. No need to adjust when you sit down, even after a big meal. Always keeps your pants in place.


Eliminates the bulky buckle bulge and awkward flap on the side. Very low-profile. Beautifully simple.


Custom-made, best quality elastic weave for a great support. Individual handmade craftsmanship. You’ll be amazed!


For men and women of ALL SIZES. For school, work, all jobs and activities. For anyone who wants to free up the hassling with buckles. For people with special needs and seniors. Fits waist circumference 33.8 - 50 Inch.


  • Waist fit: 85 - 127 cm / 33.8 - 50 inch

  • Belt width: 3.5 cm / 1.4 inch

  • Material: elastic weave


  • 1 x Comfy - Buckle Free Belt

  • 1 x Bonus Clasp - for traditional use


This is the greatest belt in the world. I put it on, and it felt like a Super Hot Actor was holding my pants up. No pressing on the sciatic nerve, no biting into my little extra tummy, just pants support all day long. My mom borrowed mine on a day I was wearing leggings and then went and bought one. If you haven't gotten one yet or you're on the fence, just give it a try. You NEED this belt. Everyone needs a Free Buckle Belt. Am I a paid reviewer? NO!!! I'll review thi.s bad boy for FREE. I tell everyone about this belt. I tell everyone they need their own. It's the best belt ever. Go forth and get the most comfortable belt in the world.


Barbara J. Burns, NY

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