Coolbliss® Adjustable Air Conditioner Cover Windshield

$34.99 $69.99

Avoid allergy-causing dry air coming directly to your body when using air-conditioner with our Coolbliss® Adjustable Air Conditioner Cover Windshield!


  • It is made by PP material, easy to clean, easy to use, scalable design, free to control the length 
  •  Easier to keep the wind from blowing down, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing direct blowing. 
  • Slot design, easy installation 
  • After installing the air guide plate, the swing plate of the air outlet is manually reset to the closed state, and the swing mode of air conditioning is opened. When the strong wind is not felt in front of the station, press the pause 
  • It can adjust the angle of windshield freely, change the direction of the wind, avoid direct blowing, remote control signal is not blocked


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