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    DIY Magnetic Sticks And Balls can be easy to assemble and DIY, and you can make hundreds of 3D geometric patterns with it.

    Eiffel Tower Making:


    1. It is full of creativity, exquisiteness, brightness, glossiness and combination that can make you enjoy your time.
    2. It can help adults relieve stress and fidget, kill the boring time and relax your mind, as well as develop patience, intelligence and thinking skills.
    3. It frees up your imagination and stimulates your inspiration. You can instantiate your imagination and inspiration through this magnetic stick and ball, and enjoy the sense of achievement by creating a variety of artworks.


    • Material: Metal
    • Color: silver colors
    • Steel Ball Size: 8mm
    • Magnetic Stick Size: 24mm*4mm

    Package Contents:

    • 36pcs Magnetic Sticks + 27pcs Silver Balls + Delicate packing box + Manual
    • 72pcs Magnetic Sticks + 48pcs Silver Balls + Delicate packing box + Manual
    • 108pcs Magnetic Sticks + 68pcs Silver Balls + Delicate packing box + Manual


    • Exercise young people's spatial thinking imagination, hands-on ability
    • Adults used to decompress and relax from boredom
    • Older people use to exercise finger flexibility
    • Perfect Gift For The Family

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