Kids Universe Projector

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Kids Universe Projector (Best Christmas Gift For Kids!)

Have you ever dreamed to sleep on the cover of space? Kids Universe Projector light creates a universe with planets atmosphere in your room! You and your kids can enjoy lying under the stars watching the vividly colored celestial show as they twinkle and swirl around the room! It's so clear and up close that you will want to reach out and touch them!


With this awesome light, you can bring starry space to your room.

Product Features :
  • Multifunctional--The light can be used as a projector when the shade is removed. With shade on, it can be used as a night light.
  • Five Sets Of FilmIt has 5 modes such as Magical Universe, Starry Star, Moon, Ocean, and Happy Birthday. Beautiful light will be projected around the room. Just press button B for 2 seconds and the light show a rotating effect.
  • 6 Lighting EffectsIt has 6 color effects such as White, Blue, Yellow, Sequential, Combination, and Slow fade. Just press button A to set it up. You can choose the effects by pressing it 2-6 times and 7 to switch it off.
  • Convenient--- It includes 2 power source: 3 *AA Batteries or USB connection.

It is ideal for decorating special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties. It can also be a great lamp for everyday use!

How To Use Kids Universe Projector :

Product Specification :

1. Product Brand: Kids Universe  Projector
2. Film Pattern: 1xUniverse ,1xStars, 1xOcean, 1xBirthday, 1xMoon
3. Material: ABS +PC.
4. Product Size: 5.1 x 4.7 inches
5. Voltage: 12V
6. Dimming: 3 Step Dimmable
7. Power Supply: USB Charger/3 x AA Battery
8. Function: Night Light and Projector can be easily changed

Button Instruction Guide :

A Button- Power and Lighting Modes Control button.
1st-3rd button press : shift single light color in turn
4th button press : auto change light color
5th button press : mix color constant on
6th button press : mix color fade in and fade out
7th button press : turn off

B Button- Brightness and Rotation control button.
Short press to adjust brightness as 100% - 50% - 5%
Long press for about 2s to control rotation function

Package Included :

1 x 5 In 1 Kids Universe Projector (battery not included)
1 x USB Cable
5 x Film Pattern(1 x Universe, 1 x Star, 1 x Ocean, 1 x Birthday, 1 x Moon)
1 x User Manual

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