LEDFantasy - Change Any Backyard From 'Meh' To 'Wow' - IP68 Waterproof 16 Color Submersible LED Lights

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These submersible colorful LED lights can turn your unimpressive backyard into a breathtaking fantasy!

I Didn't Believe The Hype... Until My Friends Whispered ‘Oh My Gosh!’ At These 16 Color LED Lights

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jessica Murphy is a home lighting expert from Los Angeles, California.

I've been designing lights for more than 50 houses around LA, including mine in the past 8 years. 

I'm hooked on the rush I get when my clients or my friends gush, 'This place looks amazing, I can't even recognize it anymore!'

...ever since I added these colorful, waterproof LED lights in my work:

My client (half jokingly) told me he doesn't need to Vegas anymore.... 

Because as soon as he steps on his patio, he feels like he's hanging out at a luxury resort.

Are you looking to score some extra bling for your backyard, too?  At DIY lighting prices anyone can afford?

Then keep reading...

What is the LEDFantasy Light?

The LEDFantasy Light is a wireless & portable LED designed to shine a colorful spotlight on your home's best features..

I tested it to add a splash of sensation to my patio for my daughter sweet 16th birthday party. The transformation was stunning.

Did I mention this 'party perfect' lighting is completely waterproof? Yup, IP68 for those technical enthusiasts out there. 

Toss a few in the pool, fountains, hot tub, flower vase, fish tank- wherever you choose (indoors or outdoors).

GUARANTEE they add a fun, casual and cool vibe inside. 

‍Home theatres, fan caves, video game rooms, & dorm rooms will never look the same.

Want to see more of LEDFantasy Light in action?


How to Use the LEDFantasy Light?

Using the LEDFantasy light is incredibly simple. 

Place them wherever you want. They are battery powered, so no extra wiring or fancy electrical work is required. 

Use the included remote control to turn the LED on or off, and select one of the 16 colors. 

Then, sit back & smile as your friends rave about how amazing your place looks. 

Here's a few other great features I love:

  • 16 Colors + Dimmer (can shuffle the colors too)
  • No Installation Required
  • Compact & Crush Proof (Buit to last)
  • Wireless, Portable
  • Point & Click Easy Remote Control
  • IP68 Waterproof (Go ahead, dunk it!)
  • Ultra Affordable
  • Ridiculously Fun & Dazzling

Jessica Pro Tips:

  • Be CREATIVE with where and when you want to place the LEDFantasy Light: backyard, living room, kitchen, during birthday, halloween you name it... these lights can definitely spice things up ;)
  • Make sure you have enough LEDFantasy Lights to create the effects you desired and some extras for experiments. There're many times I told myself 'I wish I should've bought more'
  • You get much more values when buying multiple lights at once


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