MPG Infrared Thermometer

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MPG No-Touch Infrared Thermometer

A "point-and-shoot", non-contact infrared thermometer gun is the easiest way to measure human temperature from a safe distance.

In an ever-changing world, it has never been more important to look after your health. Outside of a healthy diet, there are certain things you can do to keep yourself and others safe such as daily temperature taking. When you can take a reading of your body temperature, it makes it easier to act in case of something serious.

MPG Infrared Thermometer can be used to reduce cross-contamination risk and minimize the risk of spreading disease because it is non-contact. Besides, it's easy to use and easy to disinfect.




MPG No Touch Infrared Thermometer 

  • Non-contact Measurement: Avoiding direct contact with the skin makes the measuring process safer and healthier, and the distance range of 3-5cm can prevent cross infection, touch-less thermometer forehead for adults.
  • Dual Readings Available: You can choose to measure using Fahrenheit or Celsius. And also can use this thermometer to measure the temperature of the human body or various objects such as milk, water, or room.
  • Quick and Accurate Readings: Get accurate readings quickly within seconds and the measurement result truly reflects human body temperature. Without any operation, it will automatically shut down after about 20-30 seconds, which plays a role in low power consumption.
  • Convenient Design: Clear display and operation buttons make the thermometer easy to use. The backlight display is convenient for night use and temperature measurement. With a comfortable handle and made of small size, you can take it everywhere.
  • Reliable Thermometer: Three colors of green orange red temperature display, if you have a fever or high temperature, there will be an instant beeper of the infrared thermometer. Press "Mode" to switch from Human forehead measurement to Object measurement.



Fever care is easy with no-touch technology! Relieve stress with instant, reliable results! Never wake your baby to take their temperature again! Safe and easy to use! Check for a fever in under a second!


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