Personalized DoggyHarness™ No Pull Reflective Breathable Adjustable Pet Harness

$47.99 $99.99

"The personalized name and reflective strap is wonderful! The info will help me to find my baby just in case. It also makes my fur baby comfortable and I can put this harness on my puppy in seconds! It's the best harness I've ever used"
★★★★★ Alice K.

With this DoggyHarness™, you will never choke-like pull your baby. And this will make your baby very happy :). You can also customize your dog's name on it & ensure your dog can be easily found with your phone number.

DoggyHarness™ On In Just 5 Seconds

DoggyHarness™ is very easy to put on/off. It saves your time and makes your dog happy. Being a no-pull harness, it significantly reduces those annoying pulls while keep you and your fur baby safe for everyday use!


Personalized For All Dogs

Along with the personalized text of your dog's name & your phone number, you can choose from many colors & sizes ranging from small breeds weighing 6 lbs (3 kg) to larger breeds of 150 lbs (68 kg).


Give more Control over your Dog's Behavior

DoggyHarness™ give you more control and avoid hurting your dog's neck and spine with the special design. Even in the cases your dog distracted by squirrels or rabbits, it is much easier for you to take care of him.

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