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"We LOVE scratch art in our household, and we keep buying them for gifts. So far, people have told us that they like the scratch paintings. We usually burn through ours so we have to keep rebuying them. :P This one in particular gets the most attention. They love it — so vibrant and the contrasting white/black scratch off sheets are pretty cool, and the fact that there was even "shiny" ones in there made them so happy!"
- Olivia S.

Our premium Scratch Painting kits are made to give you an incredible scratch experience, because your craft time is precious.

  • Mindful and stress relax hobby for all ages
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Feels like velvet as you scratch the printed design to reveal the colors
  • Safe for your health materials


Inside Our Kits



- Premium coated black scratch board, pre-printed with the outline of your design

- Blank scratch board for you to practice on, or create your own design

- Double-ended bamboo stylus for precision scratches

Scratch Painting Size:

16" x 11" Inches or 41cm x 28cm

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